Two Fams and A Nanny is happy to assist you.

*Please follow the steps below to begin the process. You will pay the one time, final service fee, once the arrangement is in working order!

STEP 1- Please fill out the registration form below.

STEP 2- After filling out the registration form, please follow the prompt to sign the agency/client contract.

STEP 3- After signing the contract, please follow the calendly link to schedule the initial zoom interview. During this interview, we will go over any questions you may have and we will also do a brief zoom tour of your home. We want to ensure that our nannies and families are going to a good home!

*If you have have any questions before beginning the process, please feel free to give us a call!

*If you are two families seeking a nanny, both families will follow the same process individually.

*If you already have a nanny in place, for the nanny questions on the intake form, please put N/A for the questions that do not apply to you. Thanks!

A single family that just needs a nanny for their own family - $1,500

While Two Fams and A Nanny predominantly focuses on nanny share arrangements, we feel honored when families like what Two Fams and A Nanny has to offer and we feel obligated to open our hearts and services to the families in need of a nanny just for their family.

A single-family that already has a nanny but needs to find a family $800

Do you have a nanny and you are struggling to find the matching family to share that nanny with? Don’t worry at all, you have reached your destination and you are in the right place. Two Fams and A Nanny is pleased to help you find the perfect family based on your needs and desires so that you can ensure the best environment for your children at the price that will be at most value to you!

Affordable, Quality Child Care
two fams and a nanny

Two families that need to find their nanny $750 per family. Each family with go through the same registration process.

You are two families that have already matched and you are looking for a nanny who will take care of your children at the same time. Don’t worry at all, Two Fams and A Nanny comes especially to help you, providing you with trusted and qualified nannies who are sure to offer the best possible care to those who are most important to you: Your children. 

A single-family that needs to find another family plus the nanny $1200

At Two Fams and A Nanny, we know that hiring a nanny and finding a matching family is one of the most difficult processes a family can do alone, which is why we like to step in to give your family peace of mind and make your life as pleasant as possible. 

two fams and a nanny

What do the service and placement fees include?

  • Nanny search and interview the nanny in person or via video conference
  • Full nanny background checks with sex offender check and DMV driving record
  • CPR and first aid certified confirmed
  • Assistance in salary/benefits negotiating
  • Access to the portal where you will receive a personalized profile, matching candidates, contracts etc
  • Complimentary nanny share agreement template
  • Complimentary follow-up calls post-hire
  • Free replacement policy for 3 months

Replacement Guarantee Policy

We offer a 3-month guarantee on the first nanny hired. If for any reason the first nanny you hire doesn’t turn out to be the best fit within the first 3 months, we will use reasonable effort to find a replacement nanny for you at no cost. No replacement nanny will be offered after the second replacement nanny without the full appropriate placement fee.