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History as a nanny

It is with great pleasure that we recommend Kari Mahady. Kari has been our nanny for 4 years. She has spent 40 hours a week with our girls since they were two and three and a half years old. We are sad to see her go now that the girls will be in full day classes, but we know that Kari will find another family, where she will flourish. Kari's job has changed as the girls have grown from toddlers to little ladies and she has easily adjusted to meet their needs. She has proven her ability to educate the children by organizing scholastic activities through workbooks and websites. If a new parent expresses the desire of certain educational expectations, Kari can meet that and work with them to set new goals. With our high demand jobs it was pretty important that she would be flexible and that she was. She was quite capable of handling all daily activities for the children from wake up to bedtime, if needed. Kari will follow a daily routine and even help alter it if a family so desires. She has a high energy and a positive spirit which helped her through the busy days with our daughters. Her loving and caring personality has been so nurturing for our daughters and has made us feel great about the time they have spent with Kari. Children love Kari and any family will quickly see that. We have always been so impressed with Kari's ability to communicate effectively with us as well as with both of our daughters. Despite the girls different personalities, she developed reward systems for the children according to what worked individually for them and implemented rules as needed to keep order. Each parent gets to know their own child as they grow and Kari will work with a family to guide the children according to the parents wishes. Kari has made it very possible for us to focus on our business when she is caring for our daughters. We know that a family will be happy with Kari taking care of their children and most importantly be able to get through their days without any concern for the well-being of their children.
~ Amy S
Kari has been our child care provider from September 2007 to June 2008 and we are sad to see her go. Unfortunately, with a new position I will be starting, we are having to relocate. It is with great honor to recommend Kari to any family, as I strongly feel she can fulfill any family's needs no matter the job. Kari has provided exceptional care for our newborn baby on a consistent daily basis. Besides providing the essential care for my child, she has provided me with the security of knowing she is dependable, punctual, reliable and trustworthy while being in our home. Being new parents, we must admit, there have been times of confusion and I feel that Kari has done everything she can to help us feel at ease and help guide us through any questions, concerns, or transitions. I have no doubt that a family that has the opportunity to work with Kari, that they will be pleased with all of what she's able to provide as a nanny and for the family and for the children.
~Elizabeth D
I'm writing this letter of recommendation for our former nanny, Kari. She has been our nanny for our 20-month-old daughter, since she was 3 months old, along with another little boy the same age. It's because of Kari's experience with working with many different families that we had a very successful nanny share arrangement. Over the year and a half, Kari has proven herself to be caring, trustworthy, and a reliable nanny. As new parents, it can be hard to trust someone with our child, but I always felt comfortable from day one leaving our daughter in Kari's care. Since she started watching Haley at such a young age, she helped facility a schedule that we provided her with and was flexible as she grew older and that schedule changed. She took detailed notes about her feeding and nap times, which was really helpful for us and allowed us to keep a consistent schedule over the weekend. As Haley got older, Kari continued to grow her role as her caregiver and helped nurture a great environment for her. One important thing to note is Kari's love for the outdoors. She is always up for getting the kids outside and exploring. She is also eager to take them out on field trips and visit different kid-friendly places around town. Other strengths of cars are her punctuality and open communication. She was always on time and I knew we could always count on her. As for her communication, she never held anything back and was very candid and open with us, which I found to be very helpful and one of the many reasons I felt so much trust with her. We are sad to lose Kari and please know that you will be in good hands with her.
~ Lauren H
I am writing in regards to Kari, who has been the nanny for our three children. Kari has provided our children with a very safe and nurturing environment. She is very well organized and has a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to the children. Kari has provided our children with a learning environment including arts and crafts as well as educational activities to teach children letters, numbers, shapes and basic everyday lifelong skills. She puts a lot of energy into making these days fun and educational for them. Kari was our first nanny and we had quite the experience! Kari is a wonderful caregiver and always tried to put the children first. She genuinely cares for the families and enjoys children and quite obvious that she is passionate about this career. We are sad to see her go but wish her the best in her future endeavors.
~Kim B
It is with great pleasure to recommend Kari as a nanny. Kari has been caring for our almost 2-year-old son since he was 4 months old. We feel very fortunate to have had Kari watch our son and deeply value her contribution to our family. Kari has a great understanding of the needs and abilities of children and is nurturing, patient and responsive. Our son absolutely adores her. She is also extremely reliable and dedicated; she always gave us plenty of advance notice for anything that would come up so we could plan accordingly. Kari's approach to caring for our son complimented our parenting very well, as she respected our personal philosophy as well being confident enough to make decisions on her own. She knows how to structure time well, but is also very flexible to meet all of our needs. We are sad to see her go but we are so grateful for our first nanny share experience being very positive. We wish her all the luck!
~Tanya M