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The true definition of a labor of love

Welcome to our agency

Two Fams and A Nanny is a referral agency that takes pride in matching families and nannies together to create a wonderful nanny share experience. At our agency, we understand perfectly that every family is unique and we believe that quality child care matters. That is why we dedicate our time and thorough attention to matching our families with the right nannies through a trustworthy and personalized process to ensure our clients are genuinely connected for a healthy and harmonious relationship moving forward in the share dynamic. 

What’s a nanny share?

Affordable, Quality Child Care

Using a Nanny Share is substantially less expensive than hiring a nanny on your own. So, with this option, you can find an experienced, qualified nanny to provide personalized care for your little ones at an affordable cost. 

Our vision

Our vision is to facilitate the daily life of parents by providing an easy approach and process for them to create the ideal nanny share arrangement at an affordable cost.

Flexible schedule

A nanny share is convenient, too. If you’ve used daycare centers before, you know that they have strict policies regarding hours, statutory holidays, and sick days. With a nanny share, you and the other family can make your own rules, plan ahead, and ensure that the needs of your kids are met. 

Socialization with other kids

One of the main benefits parents say they like about daycares is the socialization aspect – something that is usually lost with traditional nanny experiences. But with nanny share, your son or daughter gets to socialize with their peers in a smaller group with more dedicated attention. So, your child can learn how to share, behave and react around others. 

How does a nanny share work?

Excellent question! The most important aspect of the process is agreeing on how the share is going to work, and this is where Two Fams and A Nanny comes in. We have helped many parents find suitable nanny share situations and saved them a significant amount of money and time in the long run. We offer guidance and assistance throughout the entire process, ensuring that you take all of the necessary steps to ensure a positive working relationship with both the nanny and the second family. 


Two Fams and A Nanny will assist in the following

two fams and a nanny

A single-family that already has a nanny but needs to find a family

Do you have a nanny and you are struggling to find the matching family to share that nanny with? Don’t worry at all, you have reached your destination and you are in the right place. Two Fams and A Nanny is pleased to help you find the perfect family based on your needs and desires so that you can ensure the best environment for your children at the price that will be at most value to you!

Affordable, Quality Child Care

Two families that need to find their nanny

You are two families that have already matched and you are looking for a nanny who will take care of your children at the same time. Don’t worry at all, Two Fams and A Nanny comes especially to help you, providing you with trusted and qualified nannies who are sure to offer the best possible care to those who are most important to you: Your children. 

two fams and a nanny

A single-family that needs to find another family plus the nanny

At Two Fams and A Nanny, we know that hiring a nanny and finding a matching family is one of the most difficult processes a family can do alone, which is why we like to step in to give your family peace of mind and make your life as pleasant as possible. 

two fams and a nanny


two fams and a nanny

Caroline and hunter

Caroline and hunter

If we could give Two Fams and a Nanny 10 stars we would! We had a wonderful experience working with Kari on our nanny search. She listened carefully to our requirements and found the perfect nanny and the matching family for our son. Kari made what could have been a stressful and difficult process so easy. We highly recommend her services without any hesitation.

two fams and a nanny

Johnson and Briana

Johnson and Briana

We’ve had two successful nanny searches thanks to Two Fams and a Nanny. While we were disappointed when our first nanny left to help her sick grandmother, we knew that by returning to Two Fams and a Nanny how we would find another great nanny for our three children. And of course, Kari responded perfectly to our request also this time and she found us another amazing nanny ahead of the estimated timeline. We have nothing to say yet but to recommend their services without any hesitation.

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